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The company offers a user-friendly and streamlined platform for finding and applying to internships, with a focus on remote tech internships.

three people sitting in front of table laughing together
three people sitting in front of table laughing together

Our Mission

Creating Opportunities for Students & Fresh Graduates

The goal of the platform is to bridge the gap between businesses and students, making it easier for both parties to find the right fit. By offering remote tech internships, the company is able to expand access to internship opportunities, while also providing cost savings and flexibility.

Overall, the platform aims to simplify the internship search process and provide valuable opportunities for students and businesses alike.

black and brown eyeglasses on book on brown wooden table
black and brown eyeglasses on book on brown wooden table

Why should you opt for an internship?

  • An international internship allows the intern to get hands-on experience in their field of study or interest.

  • Having a mentor guide the intern through their internship can be incredibly helpful. Mentors can provide insight, advice, and feedback that help the intern develop their skills and knowledge.

  • Interning on-site provides an opportunity to meet and network with professionals in the industry. This can be especially beneficial for students who are just starting their careers and looking to make connections.

  • Employers often look for candidates with internship experience, and having a mentor who can vouch for the intern's skills and work ethic can be a huge advantage in the job search.

  • Leads to increased productivity.

What We Do?

We are a software company focused on transforming the world of tech.

We empower students and fresh graduates to achieve success by creating innovative software solutions and providing unparalleled services.

We are looking for:

Talented Interns

Expert Mentors

Business Analysts


Opening doors to endless possibilities for talented individuals seeking to make their mark in the digital world.

Prioritizing your well-being and work-life balance, we ensure that our dedicated mentors and business analysts are available to provide assistance and guidance throughout your internship. Our considerate meeting policies guarantee that you won't be disturbed at night for international meetings, allowing you to stay relaxed, fresh-minded, and focused on your tasks.

We believe that by creating a supportive environment, you can confidently excel in your role, benefit from valuable mentorship, and have a rewarding internship experience. Your success and overall well-being are at the heart of our approach, ensuring a balanced and fulfilling journey during your time with us.

We Prioritize Your Success

Dedicated Mentors and Business Analysts for Your Guidance and Support!

We understand that finding the right opportunity can be challenging, especially when you're looking for internships abroad. That's why we've created a comprehensive database of internship opportunities from around the world, making it easy for you to find the perfect fit.

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